Henry Metal

Henry  Metal remembers a time when bass and drums roared whilst sweet vocals  and guitars soared.  His musical message of absolute, unrelenting resistance to everything captures our darker nature in vibration and language and serves it up with a savory, steaming side of 'wah wah do do diddle diddle da da'. 

Henry Metal is arguably one of the most interesting heavy metal artists to debut in 2017 and we can expect to hear alot more from him... about chicks, people who annoy him, and all the other things we think but dare not say.  His three full-length albums, "So It Hath Begun" and "Wizard Vs Demon" and "The Maestro Abides" are certain to kick off decades of high quality rock music destined to make us laugh and cry at the world we share and the humans we share it with.

Lest we consider Henry Metal as merely some kind of comedy act, I would direct your attention to the technical skill, composition, performance and extreme soul with which his performance and message is delivered.  Simple yet elegant, the classic metal recipe is crisply presented with evolved and re-imagined purpose and style.  And as we metal heads have always been a peculiarly intelligent and rebellious bunch, we can all appreciate the potent dichotomy of conflicting emotions that Henry draws on to remind us what it means to be alive.

Relative anonymity gives Henry the ability to create unobstructed by the tethers of polite society and deliver the sonic goods with brutal honesty and clarity untainted by ego and identity.  Henry is not merely a man but rather a representation and manifestation of Heavy Metal itself.  Sabbath, Maiden, Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax, Slayer... a unified lineage of daring musical greatness continues unvarnished with Henry Metal.

Prepare to blow your speakers and your mind. 

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