You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet

Henry lets loose on the first track of "So It Hath Begun"

Thought Police

Song for America - A message for the Thought Police

Wizard Vs Demon

The epic battle unfolds RIGHT HERE:

Models and Bottles

Henry hits the club

Wrist Is Pissed

Speak to the hand...


The Succubus is legendary... here's why.

Heavy Metal Is Dead

Henry carries the torch of Metal through treacherous times.

Henry's Saga

Henry singeth his tale here...

Rock n Roll Rebel

Best come correct, or the Rock n Roll rebel shall show you the frigging door.

God You're So Hot

Henry happens upon a fine lady on the mean city streets and...

Workin' For The Man

Rest assured it's a very bad plan...


Samurai, only one question remains.  Why do you choose to be so great?

Rock Out

The name says it all, folks.

Terrible Driver

Some drivers are better than others.  Henry outlines some differences here.

Fukushima Ceviche

And let us not forget Daiichi Cowder!

Butthead Maven

Henry Metal's single "Butthead Maven"

Boss of Me

Henry Metal's single "Boss of Me"

Possible Side Effects

Henry is no doctor, but he shares some unpleasant side effects here

Hackers Leakers Truth Seekers

Hack, Leak, Truth, Seek